2019-07-09 10:04

Unfortunately how polished up Pop_OS is, there are fair bit of issues lurking around. Initial issues I had with suspend/resume and WiFi had gone away with subsequent updates from System76, which I'm very happy about. However there are still few issues here and there, specially to do with connecting my Sony WH-1000M3 bluetooth headset. It needs at least ten clicks for it to initially connect. Even then it sometimes is not able to transfer audio data through the connection. However there is a simple solution I found to my own specific hardware. That is to use Blueman software. It is not a polished app compared to other apps comes with Pop_OS however it works like a champ. In my case, I had to use handsfree option to get the connection working for the first time and it did the trick. I'm not sure how long this fix will last. Will keep this updated with findings. Thanks go to System76 for their awesome operating system. BTW, did I forget to mention I'm using a Thinkpad X1 Extreme with bluetooth 5.0?